Mission, Vision, Corporate Values


Established on February 11, 1996, Arıkanlı Holding's mission has been to gather all of its affiliates under one roof and coordinate their administrative, financial, social, legal and technical efforts, acting to increase their productivity by improving their working processes, and contributing to develop unity and cooperation among companies.


Arıkanlı Holding and its affiliates seek to expand their areas of business with the companies or partnerships they establish in and outside of Turkey, providing significant employment opportunities as well as quality goods and services. Arıkanlı Holding and the Holding affiliates are dedicated to being exemplary and leader enterprises in their respective areas of activity.

Corporate Values

  • Everyone working at Arıkanlı Holding and its affiliates feel that they are part of the Arıkanlı Family and take great pride in being so. Every individual works in cooperation and solidarity with the other members of the family. Arıkanlı Holding places great importance on the value added to the company by each and every employee.
  • Arıkanlı Holding believes that an employee's success is dependent on high-performance work, sharing knowledge and open communication.It knows that employees are rewarded to the extent of their contributions to the job. Employees appreciate the pleasure and productivity that comes with working in a respectful, peaceful environment based on good will.
  • Arıkanlı Holding has faith that every perfect outcome can only be the product of teamwork and a harmonious working environment.
  • Customer needs are thoroughly analyzed. Products and services are developed in line with customer needs, desires and expectations.