1000 Volt Post Production
Günarı Mermer

1000 Volt Post Production was founded in 2005 with a focus on providing Post Production services for Television commercials, feature films, and Television serials. With 1000 Volt Entertainment - Los Angeles communications office founded in late 2011, the company engages in feature film project development and execution activities and maintains an updated pool of international projects and creative teams for 1000 Volt Post Production.

10000 Volt develops original and innovative projects by offering high-quality visual effect, 2D/3D animation, colour correction, fiction, Dolby sound design and final mixing services for Television, Cinema, Internet and all digital platforms.

1000 Volt stays true to its vision to become a pioneering company, which sets the industry standards and breaks new ground, by keeping its innovative technology and infrastructure investments integrated with the world.

1000 Volt works with renown teams both from abroad and from Turkey and introduces many new talents to the industry every year.

1000 Volt, which works with the prominent brands in Turkey, is frequently contracted by feature film production companies, and has produced the largest film and advertisement projects in Turkey, is on the path to becoming a globally-renown Post Production company with the international projects that it undertakes.

For more information : www.1000volt.com.tr/